The rapid growth of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) has required Propelo to transform how we deliver resourcing services.

Unique pressures – faced by MATs as they emerge and expand – mean that a different type of support is needed, particularly when compared to what might be required in a stand-alone school.

The pace, scale and stakeholder relationships feel different in a MAT. And Propelo has configured how we work to best meet these new challenges.

Working behind the scenes

Many of the larger MATs simply don’t need a conventional resourcing partner. They’ve often built sophisticated in-house teams who handle many of the things an agency would have done in the past – whether that’s campaign management, talent attraction or even headhunting for senior posts.

It means that Propelo are often deployed to work in the background, adding extra capacity during seasonal peaks and managing high stakes recruitment campaigns when in-house teams need releasing for other projects.

Supporting growth

MATs need different skills in their early growth phase – particularly when expansion has happened quickly. We’ve seen lots of new pressure points emerging for first-time CEOs – from getting governance structures working effectively, to handling complex multi-site restructures and ensuring financial systems are fit for purpose.

To respond, we’ve scaled up our consultancy teams and recruited new experience across all these key areas. MATs can now use Propelo to access growth capacity exactly when they need it, paying for only what they need and switching things off quickly when work is complete.

Recruitment systems

Newer MATs often find huge variances in the quality of recruitment across their individual academies. More often than not these are just inherited ways of working – with different practices, managed by different people, at different levels, on different sites.

Getting control of these systems, centralising recruitment, and ensuring a consistent candidate experience is almost guaranteed to improve appointment rates and a MAT’s ability to manage talent.

Propelo’s expert recruiters have worked in the education sector for fifteen years – so whether we’re hands-on with delivering recruitment campaigns or just advising a MAT on improving their approach, we have the knowledge and experience to make a lasting difference.

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